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Friday, December 03, 2004

New Pocket Kingdoms Review (5/10)

Pocket Kingdoms has been awarded 5/10 by Gaming Review UK.

Never heard of the site before, and judging by the quality of the review, it's obvious why. Take a look for yourself and you'll see what I mean. I urge all the N-Gage faithful to add a comment trashing the review ASAP!

Of course, I am not going to go around trashing all sites which award PK a bad score - everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, it's sooooooOOO frustrating when reviewers abuse their position and write bias, inaccurate reviews which damage the N-Gage's (already shocking) reputation unnecessarily. Damn Them! :(


  • At 12/04/2004 8:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    ch3mi0n from the Arena, here...

    I saw that review too, and posted my thoughts. That reviewist is a moron. What can I say, he should not be doing reviews at all. Reviews are supposed to be from an objective, non-biased stand-point, not by ignorant people like that who haven't even reviewed the FULL COPY of the game. Reviews aren't supposed to be opinion, they're supposed to evaluate the gameplay and features of the product and give a rating based on these attributes REGARDLESS of personal opinion. That's what a review IS.

    I agree with you 100%.

    BTW, nice blog. Keep it up, I'll check back. See ya!


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