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Monday, December 06, 2004

My Pocket Kingdoms Rant

It's time. Time for me to babble on about how fantastic Pocket Kingdoms is. For those who are unaware, the N-Gage has not been very successful since it's launch in 2003 (some might say that's a substantial understatement!). Despite all the claims from the media that the N-Gage was a failure Nokia seemed strangely calm. Within roughly six months a new machine was launched to address some of the issues with the original, and at around the same time, news filtered through regarding new titles.

Two titles stood out from the crowd mainly due to their N-Gage specific features. Of course these games were Pathway to Glory and Pocket Kingdoms. Now, these games are released and Nokia is 100% relying on their success - they are certainly intended to be the killer apps for the N-Gage. Today, I am focusing on Pocket Kingdoms, so is it any good?

Put it this way, it's very different and many typical gamers will hate it, but I am not one of them. This is great stuff, so much so that I am trying to MAKE time to play it which can only be a positive thing.

I am not going to rant on about how the game plays - this is not a review. If you want to read reviews about PK then check out the following sites:

And completely ignore the Gaming Headlines UK review :)

If you already have PK and are finding it difficult to progress then check out pk.warcry - an excellent site with all the information you need to know to owning the world!

I am certainly finding the game difficult, but I think it's because this is totally new territory for me. I have never been interested in RPG's or strategy games before, preferring FPSs, Adventures and pick-up-and-play games like Super Monkey Ball (GameCube version). Currently, I have 50 Victory Points (don't laugh!) and that's why I am finding the game difficult. I am unable to rankup my characters until I improve my rating. You see, until I started studying the pk.warcry site I was unaware of this! I was totally lost - when I tried to rankup I couldn't seem to get any unit/emblem combination to work and when I attacked a kingdom all my units were being owned by other kingdoms! For a long time I just coudln't get anyway in the game. But pk.warcry has come to the rescue so thanks a lot guys!

I must say, the PK instruction manual or the tutorial could have pointed some of these things out for us n00bs (or am I too crap to be in that category!). I have decided to write a FAQ for Pocket Kingdoms so keep your eyes peeled - I will post it here soon!


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