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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

My Happy New Year Rant!

Well, now that I am sober, I thought I would just send a message to all you NGage lovers wishing you a happy new year. There haven't been many posts over the festive season mainly because I have been away from my computer (also due to excessive amounts of alcohol!). Read on for more babbling!

I have finally removed Pocket Kingdom from my N-Gage as to my surprise I was given Colin McRae Rally for Christmas! It's an excellent game, perfect for showing off what the N-Gage can do, but for some reason I am missing Pocket Kingdom!

The thing about PK you see is that it's THE perfect mobile game - you can spend as little as one minute setting up your kingdom while on the loo at work if you like! It's this mechanic that many critics have failed to pick up on - the accessibility factor is HUGE and something Nokia should emphasize.

In comparison I find it awkward to pause a session Colin McRae half way through a race so I usually just end up playing one race at a time. This is fine of course as a race usually last between 5-10 minutes, but it does remind you just how accessible PK is.

Anyway, accessibility factor aside, both games are fantastic! It looks like for the first time since buying my N-Gage, I am going to actually make use of the hot-swap feature as I am going to be swapping between PK and Colin McRae for a few months to come!


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