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Friday, January 21, 2005

SSX: Out of Bounds Released and Reviewed!

SSX: Out of Bounds is available to buy from Allack.co.uk now for £24.95 and has already been reviewed by two websites. Read on for more details...

GameMethod - 79/100:
"Easily the best example of successful three-dimensional gameplay on the N-Gage, SSX: Out of Bounds successfully translates the console versions of Electronic Arts’ outstanding snowboarding series to the handheld space. Distinctly superior to the Game Boy Advance version, SSX: Out of Bounds brings the spirit of SSX 3 to the N-Gage with few compromises. As expected, technical limitations cause the visual presentation to suffer, occasionally impeding gameplay; moreover, the game’s soundtrack, while large, consists of shortened tracks that loop annoyingly during play. While it doesn’t provide the same level of polish and detail found in the console versions, SSX: Out of Bounds is a solid offering that N-Gage owners should not miss."

Game Daily - 3.5/5
SSX: Out of Bounds isn't going to necessarily "Wow" anyone. Its 3D engine, while good by N-Gage standards, doesn't run nearly as smoothly as games showcased on the superior Nintendo DS and Sony PSP hardware, and the pop-up is annoying. But despite its shortcomings, SSX: Out of Bounds retains just about everything that made the console versions such huge hits, and the ability to play wirelessly with friends is a huge plus. Taken into the grand scheme of things, the game will be nothing more than a footnote in the N-Gage's history, but if you own Nokia's hand held and are looking for a fun game to take with you, Out of Bounds will provide many hours of enjoyment."


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