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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The Snakes Outbreak has begun

Get over to The Snakes Outbreak and have a look - I am too busy reading about this amazing new game to even be writing this. Also, I am at work, so I can't bloody download the thing until tonight. Expect a lengthy rant about Snakes in the coming days when I actually get some time to write it!

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Monday, January 24, 2005

Snakes 3D - How Mysterious!!!

This is a weird one. There isn't much information out there about Snakes3D other than it definitely exists and is due for release imminently. Read on for more....

I first saw Snakes3D when I bought my NGageQD. On the CD that came in the package there was a video promoting up and coming games, such as Pathway To Glory and Pocket Kingdom. There was also footage of a 3D snake sliding around a colored grid - there wasn't much to see, but it was certainly a "new" game I had never seen before.

Since then there hasn't been much information about it other than the page at Allack.co.uk which interestingly enough has a release date of January 15th so it's obviously late!

The guys at All About N-Gage have recently been searching in the darkest corners of the NGage site and found this which is very mysterious! Only the URL gives an indication that it's related to the new Snakes game and what about the date? Does that mean Snakes3D will now be released on the 25th of January? Who knows? In fact, the page is so vague it could be an advertisement for something completely different!

Regardless, the new Worms3D is looking very promising, mainly because it will be free! Yep, you heard me right, F-R-E-E! Apparently, not only can you can download it, you can also send a copy of it to your friends. Definitely one to keep an eye on.

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Friday, January 21, 2005

SSX: Out of Bounds Released and Reviewed!

SSX: Out of Bounds is available to buy from Allack.co.uk now for £24.95 and has already been reviewed by two websites. Read on for more details...

GameMethod - 79/100:
"Easily the best example of successful three-dimensional gameplay on the N-Gage, SSX: Out of Bounds successfully translates the console versions of Electronic Arts’ outstanding snowboarding series to the handheld space. Distinctly superior to the Game Boy Advance version, SSX: Out of Bounds brings the spirit of SSX 3 to the N-Gage with few compromises. As expected, technical limitations cause the visual presentation to suffer, occasionally impeding gameplay; moreover, the game’s soundtrack, while large, consists of shortened tracks that loop annoyingly during play. While it doesn’t provide the same level of polish and detail found in the console versions, SSX: Out of Bounds is a solid offering that N-Gage owners should not miss."

Game Daily - 3.5/5
SSX: Out of Bounds isn't going to necessarily "Wow" anyone. Its 3D engine, while good by N-Gage standards, doesn't run nearly as smoothly as games showcased on the superior Nintendo DS and Sony PSP hardware, and the pop-up is annoying. But despite its shortcomings, SSX: Out of Bounds retains just about everything that made the console versions such huge hits, and the ability to play wirelessly with friends is a huge plus. Taken into the grand scheme of things, the game will be nothing more than a footnote in the N-Gage's history, but if you own Nokia's hand held and are looking for a fun game to take with you, Out of Bounds will provide many hours of enjoyment."

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Monday, January 17, 2005

Two new worms Reviews!

Worms World Party - not released here in the UK until March 11th - has received two new and very positive reviews. Read on for details...

1UP.com awarded the game an excellent 9/10 stating that "Worms World Party for the Nokia N-Gage is an outstanding port to the handheld system from its PC and console roots."

Also, GameAxis has awarded Worms World Part a respectable 8/10 in an interesting and up-beat review including quotes such as this:

The N-Gage is probably one of the few platforms that can and are capable of carrying Worms well, especially through its built-in wireless Bluetooth technology that will allow up to 4 players to engage in some blasting good time. Worms World Party is also Arena-enabled which means that players can access the N-Gage WAP service to access leaderboards to see who’s the top Worm player, download custom Worms teams or even manage individual Worm stats. The mind boggles at the sheer amount of online play that Worms provides...

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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

New Colin McRae Demo

If you don't believe me when I say Colin McRae Rally is a fantastic game, why not try it out for yourself over at the N-Gage Game Download page.

Please let me know how the demo plays and whether it has convinced you to buy the game. I haven't bothered downloading it as I have the full game already - lucky me :)

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My Happy New Year Rant!

Well, now that I am sober, I thought I would just send a message to all you NGage lovers wishing you a happy new year. There haven't been many posts over the festive season mainly because I have been away from my computer (also due to excessive amounts of alcohol!). Read on for more babbling!

I have finally removed Pocket Kingdom from my N-Gage as to my surprise I was given Colin McRae Rally for Christmas! It's an excellent game, perfect for showing off what the N-Gage can do, but for some reason I am missing Pocket Kingdom!

The thing about PK you see is that it's THE perfect mobile game - you can spend as little as one minute setting up your kingdom while on the loo at work if you like! It's this mechanic that many critics have failed to pick up on - the accessibility factor is HUGE and something Nokia should emphasize.

In comparison I find it awkward to pause a session Colin McRae half way through a race so I usually just end up playing one race at a time. This is fine of course as a race usually last between 5-10 minutes, but it does remind you just how accessible PK is.

Anyway, accessibility factor aside, both games are fantastic! It looks like for the first time since buying my N-Gage, I am going to actually make use of the hot-swap feature as I am going to be swapping between PK and Colin McRae for a few months to come!

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